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Is It “Cool” To Say You Hate School?

31 Aug


School-Survival.net asserts its purpose is to be a support site for students who can’t stand being forced to go to school. They qualify their mission by explaining that they are not telling anyone to drop out, rebel or do anything in particular. They endorse making your decision and alone, and they will just provide support and information for whatever choice you may make. They emphasize that the choice is the student’s to make. They offer someone there is always willing to listen to you. Their bottom line is its okay to hate school and provide14 Good Reasons why School Sucks & Things I Hate About School:
1. School sucks because if you don’t like it, most people automatically think there’s something serious wrong with you.
2. School ruins learning. In school, learning is all about memorizing things, answering questions, and writing loads of crap on topics you don’t care about.
3. Because you’re forced to go there, and if you want to try some other alternative, you need to get parental permission first. School is essentially pointless forced labour without pay.
4. It sucks because people expect you to treat school as the most important thing in your life. Nevermind what you’d rather be doing.
5. School sucks because once you’re done, you’ll probably forget 90% of what you “learned” there and burn all your books anyway. All you’ll be left with is a diploma stating that you survived 12 years of hell. And very few people (besides your parents) will even want to look at it.
6. Because talking to your friends is a crime at school.
7. It sucks because even if you’re bored out of your mind, you’ll still get all the blame for not participating in class.
8. School suppresses independent thought – if you disagree with the teacher, you’re in trouble. If you dare to think of a new way to do something, it’s automatically wrong.
9. School sucks because if you do what they say and do all your work, you don’t get time off – they’ll just expect even more from you in future. And someone who cheats on their work and tests can just as easily do better than you.
10. School sucks because life is short, and you’ll never get that time back.
11. School makes everyone around you panic over the smallest little things that none of them (or anyone else) will care about a few years down the line.
12. Even when you go home, school invades your life by giving you homework as well.
13. It sucks because even though school has all these problems, if you mention any of them, you’ll be the one they blame, no matter how right you may actually be.
14. School sucks because every now and then it does something useful for someone, and then everyone goes all “Look! That’s proof that school is good for you!”… It’s like getting free ice cream in hell – it just doesn’t quite make up for all the other stuff.