Assistive Technology applications for Apple, Android, Windows Mobile &Blackberry app stores.

18 Feb

The apps listed here are currently downloadable at little or no cost
• Apple devices come equipped with the VoiceOver feature that serves as a screen reader for those with visual disabilities. By touching or scrolling your finger across the screen, you will be told exactly what lies beneath your fingertips. When you wish to write an email or send a text message VoiceOver will echo every letter you select and then speak it again to confirm it. With Voice Control you can easily call or play music by speaking the name of the person or artist you would like to hear. The iPhone4 and 3GS understands 21 different languages!
• Dragon Dictation (Nuance Communications) – voice recognition application allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. Works on Apple iPad, iPhone and second and third generation iPod Touch (external microphone required). Available as Dragon Email for Blackberry, and FlexT9 for Android.
• Dragon Search (Nuance Communications) – accurate way to search online content using your voice. Search queries from a variety of top websites including Google or Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes & Wikipedia.
• Note2Self Audio Recorder (Web Information Solutions) – audio recorder and voice note sharing solution. Notes can be saved or emailed automatically.
• QuickVoice Recorder (nFinity Inc.) – one touch recording for memos, email, dictation, lists, meetings, classes or entire lectures.
• Audiobooks (Cross Forward Consulting) – over 3,535 classic audio books, plus a growing collection of newer titles. Paid version also available for $0.99 to eliminate ads.
• Audiobooks for Your Kids – free version contains three classic children’s books. $0.99 version includes 30 titles.
• Free Audiobooks (from Books in Audio) – best selling and professionally narrated audio books; new premium titles added monthly.
• Best Audiobooks (100) (Gp Imports Inc. Software) – 100 audio books, titles continuously updated to most popular public domain books.
• Image to Speech (OCR) ‐‐ This application is not free, but listed since it is only $0.99. Allows you to take a picture, any picture and the application will read out loud the text inside the image.
• MindNode – Available for MAC users at no cost. Program is a simple‐to‐use mind mapping application for the Macintosh that help to visually: collect, classify and structure ideas, organize, study and solveproblems. Mind maps can be used for many different tasks – including to‐do lists, brainstorming, holiday planning, research, writing, project management – and in many different environments – school, meetings, workspace.
• Read It Later ‐‐ a simple text‐to‐speech program worth exploring as no Internet connection is needed to use it. Upgraded Read It Later Pro version available for $0.99. Available for Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry under different names:
• Say it and Mail it ‐‐ allows you to record your email then mail it. Record and email voice memos using your iTool. Use it to email reminders to yourself or email messages to anyone. (iTouch will need a mic attached.) Upgraded version available for $2.99.
• Talk Mail Lite – Listen to your emails out loud, 2 months free. Reads aloud emails received via Google, MobileMe, AOL Mail — any IMAP‐enabled email account. For Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo, sync with Mobile Me or use auto‐forwarding. Talk Mail Pro available for $2.99.
• Typ‐O (Anders Johansen) – Typ‐O uses a powerful word prediction engine and sophisticated spelling error model to help you write, even if your spelling isn’t perfect. Available for Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at $4.99.
• Jagamaga Audibooks Lite (Andreas Mehrens) – over 50 titles, plus hundreds of free short‐fiction; searchable by genre, title, author, and narrator.
• vBookz ‐‐ is a free book reader with voices that are really quite fantastic. What vBookz have done is expand upon Apple’s theme, keeping much of the design and functionality used by iBooks whilst adding one feature that is absent from the iBooks application: text‐to‐speech. Application available for $3.99.
• Web Reader (Chris Chauvin) ‐‐ Web Reader 2.2 for iPhone uses text to speech technology along with web page content recognition to read web pages to you. You can configure web pages to be read as soon as they are loaded, read pages manually after they are loaded, or use Cut, Copy, & Paste to read only sections of text. Available for $1.99.
• ZenTap – a word prediction system that allows you to complete words simply typing the first letters. Itfeatures: auto completion, spell check, a wider typing screen and the possibility to change the font size.For those who struggle with the iPhone keyboard, this may be a good option. Free ZenTap Pro available for $2.99. Multiple formats available at

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